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Project Description
Use this visual studio extension to generate the Business Data Catalog Model file by examining your entity classes.

* don't need to manually write the BDCM files (ADF)
* don't need to keep your enities in sync in with the typedescriptors
* create CRUDQ in matter of seconds

UPDATE 20/03/2013
The extension installer doesn't work anymore with VS2012, please add the tool as external tool:

  1. Click on TOOLS
  2. External Tools
  3. Click ADD
  4. Title: BCS BUILDER
  5. Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\BCSBuilder\BCSBuilder.Tool.exe
  6. Arguments: -path $(TargetName)$(TargetExt)
  7. Initial Directory: $(TargetDir)

Now you can use BCS Builder in Visual Studio 2012!

More information regarding BCS can be found at the following sites:

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